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Facility Improvement
& Sustainability

We will work with you to deploy proven and tested technologies  to  maximize your investment,  improve operations and and deliver sub-2 year ROI.

From facility audit to onsite installation, BirdDog Technologies will partner with you to understand the property, identify the right  solutions, and ensure the project is accomplished with minimum disruption. 

Save Water, Save Energy, Save Money! 

BirdDog continually works to find the best energy savings  partners and products to maximize savings and decrease consumption.  Our approach is to identify what delivers the maximum ROI for your facility while minimizing disruption for your staff and tenants. 

The Process:

  1. Project Discovery Call

  2. Data Gathering

  3. Onsite Facility Audit

  4. Proposal

  5. Confirmation

  6. On-site Planning

  7. Installation


Our Partners & Solutions:

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Save Water, Save Time and Save Money! 


20% of all toilets are currently leaking and 100% of toilets will leak at some time. 

Aqua Mizer is a 100% mechanical solution, does not require any plumbing, and is contained within the internal workings of the toilet to solve poor flush volume, water waste, and catastrophic flood events caused by toilets. 


Aqua Mizer is a patented solution and typically has an ROI of under 16 months for multi-tenant housing and hotels. From a water usage and ROI analysis to on-site installation, BirdDog Technologies can support your property every step of the way to savings and improved environmental impact.

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Apartment Building

Sensor Industries delivers a plug and play solution that monitors tanked toilets and facilities providing instant notification of leaks and floods.


Avoid costly water damage, reduce claims and tenant issues by knowing where and when you have a water incident. 


A properly lit facility improves customer experience, productivity, quality control, security and will result in 50-85% energy savings on your lighting expenditures.


At Green Lighting Consulting, our goal is to design and install a lighting upgrade system from start to finish based on what’s most important to you and your company. The end results will be remarkable for your team and bottom line.

Office Building
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