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20% of all toilets are currently leaking... and 100% will leak at some point. 

Toilets are:

  • The Primary Cause Of Wasted Water

  • Responsible For 85% Of All Water Loss 

  • Leaking toilet averages 200 GPD

  • Running toilet averages 700 GPD

  • Stated 1.6-gal toilet utilizes 2.44 gal & 1.28-gal utilizes 1.77 gal average in a complete cycle 

Aqua Mizer is a 100% mechanical solution, does not require any plumbing, and is contained within the internal workings of the toilet to solve:

  • Toilet & Flush performance

    • Greater water volume per flush

    • Higher velocity per flush

    • Faster flapper close to initiate refill

  • Water savings

    • Reduces flush volume up to 52%

    • Exact volume of water needed to clear a waste

    • Faster initiation of bowl refill

    • Balance refill ratios of the bowl to the tank

    • Stops/prevents running and leaking toilets


  • Eliminates Catastrophic flood events

    • Limits flooding to one tank volume plus 1 fill cycle

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“Your innovative equipment and approach has produced both large monetary and water savings rewards for our owners. For the seven months after installation we have saved over 3,250,808 gallons of water and $41,980.” —Steven Simon, Community Association Manager, Hidden Bay


“This system has exceeded our expectations, plus it is paying for itself through water and sewer cost savings. Since the system has been installed, we have had no water damage due to leaks from the toilets.”

—Norman Wartman, President, Onyx on the Bay Condominium Association, Inc.


“Since installing the system in all the rooms of our hotel, we have not had one call for a leaky toilet or one toilet tank flood … we already know we are saving enough in less than a year to easily pay for upgrading the entire convention center.” —Michael Morasca, Director of Engineering, Westin® Convention Center, Pittsburgh PA

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