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Clean Air and Surfaces

Our partner EOS Lighting helps the fight against viruses, bacteria and microbes.  Utilizing patented technology our Antimicrobial lights help protect your greatest assets, your staff and customers.  Our Nano Tech  lighting continuously cleans the Air and Surfaces and eventually eliminates the problem, while keeping your space clean.  

How it works...

The 405nm light spectrum works to excite porphyrin molecules that are exclusively found in microorganisms. This, in turn, creates excessively toxic Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), thereby stopping reproduction and killing these microorganisms. Compared to antimicrobial wipes or ultraviolet light that may sanitize at only one given point in time, our always- on, always-there presence results in environments that are inhospitable to the growth of microbes.

Screen Shot 2021-08-12 at 12.18.29 PM.png

Immediate Savings

Installing EOS Antimicrobial Lighting and our traditional LED Lights will provide an immediate savings between 25% - 75% compared to standard fluorescent lighting. 

Not only are we able to have a savings in energy, but also cleaning costs as schools, hospitals and businesses reopen. 

BirdDog Technologies helps companies Improve and understand how their Space is being Utilized.  We have been effectively responding to the Immediate COVID-19 Pandemic while laying a Foundation for Continual Improvement of Operational Efficiencies through use of Proven, Cost-Effective, Smart Technologies.

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