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Facility Utilization &
Building Information Managment

Mobile & Browser Apps

Cross-platform, indoor-outdoor, real-time navigation at the touch of your fingertips or mouse.

Location Positioning

Indoor maps, real-time positioning, wayfinding, and access to our proprietary CMS without any need for beacons, Wi-Fi, or external hardware.

Intelligent Marketing

Find your right audience and improve customer engagement with customizable targeted notification tools.

Advanced Analytics

Valuable location-based analytics surrounding all your property interactions. Gain comprehensive intelligence with real-time analytics that powers business decisions.


BirdDog provides better information for all stakeholders about your space.

Digital Maps provide the key to integrating IoT and digital data into daily operations, security management and stakeholder experience improvement strategies.

From real time traffic flow to wayfinding and navigation, BirdDog technologies can help you understand who is using your space, how they are using it, and how to maximize their experience. 

Through our partnership with Mapsted, Birddog Technologies helps our customers understand and improve how their facility is being used. 

Mapsted provides an enterprise solution that delivers location based data to support unlimited use cases from traffic flow analysis, navigation and wayfinding for multiple-stakeholder types, geo-fenced messaging and IoT visualization.

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Enterprise Map Management, Analytics & Visitor Communications

  • Mapsted CMS where you can schedule property wide maintenance updates and alerts, edit key map details, design elements, and much more.

  • Mapsted Analytics provides a deep understanding of the user interaction with your property through traffic flow analysis, heat maps, and path trajectories. 

  • Mapsted Marketing where you can send targeted offers, notifications, and events with contextual messaging.

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Scanning & Modeling - Onsite Data Collection

Mobile Scanning & Building Information Managment

Need to have an accurate "as-is" understanding of your facility?  We can help... BirdDog Technologies  utilizes the best mobile scanning technologies and processes to deliver 2D and 3D models so that all stakeholders have access to real information to inform decision making.


Convert physical buildings and spaces into 3D environments:

  • Rapid - Quick turnaround 

  • Accurate 2D and 3D files delivered for your application (CAD / Revit)

  • 50%+ savings over traditional scanning and modeling services

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