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Scalable, Innovative,
Indoor Navigation.

Our indoor navigation solutions are a scalable, cost effective technology that stands alone without the use of expensive external hardware.

Offering turn-by turn navigation with the addition of real time location and route sharing, you can easily share updates with staff and visitors.

More than just a wayfinding experience.

Enterprise Map Management, Analytics and Visitor Communications:

  • Mapsted CMS where you can schedule property wide maintenance updates and alerts, edit key map details, design elements, and much more.

  • Mapsted Analytics provides a deep understanding of the user interaction with your property through traffic flow analysis, heat maps, and path trajectories. 

  • Mapsted Marketing where you can send targeted offers, notifications, and events with contextual messaging.


Allocate resources efficiently and effectively.

Mapsted offers solutions for not only the visitor to use on your property but for management facilitators as well.

Easily schedule maintenance updates and send issues directly to the maintenance staff. Arrange emergency response planning, create campaigns and send out important information to everyone using the application.

In more than one way, your property and business can become a powerful leader in visitor experiences.

Individual solutions for each businesses needs.

Just a few places we offer solutions for:

  • Higher Education

  • Hospitals and Healthcare

  • Resorts and Parks

  • Museums and Galleries

  • Airports

  • Retail Mall

All properties benefit greatly when their visitors feel informed, supported, and guided by the best technology available to enhance their visiting experience.


Indoor navigation solution unlike any other.

Mapsted’s patented algorithm sources from over 50 data points to create an intelligent, advanced, deep learning algortihm. is how Mapsted stands out from the competition. With over 85+ patents, Mapsted never stops innovating.

No additional hardware. No extra costs. Just a one stop solution for all your indoor navigation and location service needs.

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