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Apartment Building

Our scalable suite of IoT solutions and technologies leverage real-time data to stop catastrophic floods and control water waste that tenants, multi-family properties or even hotel guests just don’t report.  

SI-Toilet Sensors

More than 20% of ALL TOILETS are leaking and they’re the #1 cause of water loss in multi-unit residential buildings – billions of dollars in Net Operating Income are lost each year due to the undetected waste!


With water costs perpetually increasing faster than rents, property owners bear the brunt of wasted water costs with no visibility into the source of the waste.

Clean Bathroom
Leaky Sink Drain Pipe

SI-Flood Sensors

A single undetected flood caused by leaking plumbing, hoses, or appliances can cause catastrophic damage and expense ranging into the millions.

The SI-Flood Sensor detects water waste emergencies and alerts you of a flood in real-time via text message.

SI-Toilet Sensors

Easily inserted between the supply line and fill valve on any toilet, SI-Toilet Sensors monitor and report each time a toilet is flushed and water fills the tank. Our patent-pending sensor design is sleek yet durable and includes a micro-computer, radio board, reed switch and small magnet. When water flows into the toilet, the magnet is pushed up by water pressure – it then closes the reed switch and counts time. When the water stops, the magnet drops and the time packet is sent through the SI-Mesh network and up to our cloud servers for analysis. If a leak is detected, a real-time text message alert is sent to the building manager to minimize water waste and unnecessary water costs.

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SI-Flood Sensors

The SI-Flood Sensor easily installs with one screw to the baseboard of any wall. When the SI-Flood Sensor detects standing or flowing water on the floor, the device immediately emits an audible alarm to alert or awaken the tenant. If the flood is not stopped within 3 minutes, the SI-Mesh system will report the problem and alert property management via text message and email.

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BirdDog Technologies helps companies Improve and understand how their Space is being Utilized.  We have been effectively responding to the Immediate COVID-19 Pandemic while laying a Foundation for Continual Improvement of Operational Efficiencies through use of Proven, Cost-Effective, Smart Technologies.

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