BirdDog Technologies

BirdDog Technologies helps companies lay down cost effective and proven technologies to improve and understand how their space is being utilized.  Our network of partners and innovative products deliver indoor navigation, service coordination, space utilization and facilities management solutions to health & human services, government, retail and education sectors. 

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Improve visitor experience, safety and manage navigation routes to ensure that your customers or clients can easily find their way in any situation.  Mapsted provides an indoor mapping and navigation solution utilized by Hospitals, Universities, Corporations and Manufactures to improve customer satisfaction and safety.​ 


Mapsted provides you real time control of your space, allowing organizations to quickly update, manage and distribute real-time maps and navigation support for multiple stakeholders.


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BirdDog Technologies alongside Sensor Industries is a leader IoT (Internet of Things) environmental monitoring company bringing new operational efficiency, increased Net Operating Income and water and energy conservation to owners and residents of multi-unit communities and commercial properties through our Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) Platform.  Access to this vital data lowers costs, reduces risks, and provides new revenue opportunities for property owners.

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The advantage of EOS’ Non-UV Nano Tech Lighting is that it delivers constant, continuing, non-stop suppression instead of intermittent cleaning.  Our LED and LED Nano Tech Lighting is a patented and  proven to prevent reproduction and destroy microbes, bacteria and other germs. By combining clear white light with 405 blue light sanitization EOS is safe for continuous use and can drive significant energy savings over traditional fluorescent light fixtures.

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Whether you are a cafe or city, shop or stadium, factory or fairground, Zensors can digitize your physical environment in seconds, turning everyday spaces into smart, reactive experiences.

Avoid costly IoT sensors by utilizing your existing camera infrastructure to answer critical business questions, share information in real-time, and streamline operations.


Astreea is a medical grade, stainless steel sanitizer stand that does not require batteries.  It has a sleek look and is perfect for world class entities who truly care about safety, wellness and our environment.  This is the most environmentally friendly solution on the market!  In addition, our high quality sanitizer is USA made and FDA registered.  It leaves your hands feeling soft, smelling good and is not sticky!

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Scanning & Modeling - Onsite Data Collection

BirdDog Technologies  utilizes the best scanning technologies and processes to deliver 2D and 3D models for capital improvement projects, navigation, planning and security preparation. 


Convert physical buildings and spaces into 3D environments:

  • Rapid - Quick turnaround 

  • Accurate 2D and 3D files delivered for your application (CAD / Revit)

  • 50%+ savings over traditional scanning and modeling services