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Smarter Data Collection

Zensors generates data driven answers for physical environments in seconds, turning everyday spaces into smart, reactive experiences. Avoid costly IoT sensors by utilizing your existing camera infrastructure to answer critical business questions, share information in real-time, and streamline operations, without deploying costly IoT sensors.


Connect Cameras

Start by registering your existing camera deployment.  Zensors supports all major camera manufacturers.  Zensors has prebuilt integrations to pipe images from your existing security camera infrastructure or most off-the-shelf IP cameras into our cloud.


Real-Time AI

Live camera feeds are piped into our general-purpose, AI-Vision pipeline, and report the state of the environment with human-level accuracy. Our system allows for custom questions that are specific to your environment and business needs.

Pick one of our prebuilt questions or write your own in plain, simple English. Our AI will process the image and output a data feed at a user-defined interval.

Understand and Improve:

  • Parking Management

  • Line Wait Times

  • Staffing Requirements

  • Visitor Movement

  • Snow/Condition Monitoring

  • Public Safety

  • Trash Detection

  • Resource Utilization

  • Pedestrian Traffic

  • Vehicle Traffic


Data-Driven Decisions

Zensors provides you a firehose of rich analytics about any environment. Use our API to connect and build applications that utilize the sensor data stream or create dashboards with aggregate information to make better decisions.

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