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Guiding you Anywhere, Anytime.


Getting lost inside complex venues could soon be a thing of the past. Meet MapsIndoors – the next generation of indoor navigation and way finding. 

Built on Google Maps, the transition from outdoor navigation to indoor navigation is completely seamless. The same functionality and design of Google Maps supports user adoption and can dramatically impact how your customers and staff interact with your venue.

  • Improve Customer Experience

  • Manage, Update & Edit Layouts

  • Support Multiple User Roles

  • Integrate with 3rd Party Systems

Manage, Update & Edit with Ease

MapsIndoors can be interfaced with the most suitable indoor positioning system at your venue eg. WiFi positioning, Bluetooth (BLE) or positioning based on magnetic fields.


The accuracy of the indoor positioning system depends on the chosen positioning technology. It is also influenced by the type of building that you are mapping. By interfacing your indoor navigation platform with a positioning system, you will be able to use location-based services such as push messaging and you will enhance the overall visitor experience.


We can always advise you on which indoor positioning method will offer you the right level of indoor positioning accuracy.

3rd Party Integrations

As an independent platform with open interfaces, MapsIndoors can easily integrate with 3rd party systems to meet your specific requirements and needs. 


We’ve worked with a broad area of systems including:


  • Facility management

  • Queue management

  • Product management in Retail

  • Push marketing

  • Geo marketing

  • Parking lot management

  • Timetables (flights/trains/Events)

  • Google Calendar

  • Asset tracking (Equipment sharing, fleet management and even people)

One Pagers

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