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With NO money down, using Ai and HVAC automation, we can reduce carbon emissions and HVAC utilization up to 73%.  This 73% savings on HVAC utilization means more money in your pockets. Oftentimes we can save companies millions of dollars and can deploy into any business whether data centers, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and more.  Our system isn't just about energy efficiency, but also building a cleaner safer environment.  

Starting with an initial audit of your space, we can determine the amount of savings we can generate for your company.  From here, we work with your team and take a portion of the savings in order to cover the cost.

Building assessment 

We identify and assess your property, utilities and lifecycle costs, running expenses to understand your facility.


Projects that meet the criteria are identified and presented for technical and financial approval.


Projects that are approved are designed and installed by internationally renowned parties, while being underwritten 

Installation and Management

OairO oversees the develeopment and ensures that the project milstones and savings are being met.

Energy Savings and maintenance

Project energy savings and financial savings for the client.  Profits are then split between the parties to finance the installation

OAIRO - As seen on CNBC: 10/31/2020 "Advancements in Technology" Series with Ted Danson

Our Tech...

atomixAir saves energy and improves human well-being by eliminating convection bulk-air movement and harmful gas and temperature stratification, both of which create issues including hot and cold spots, chilly drafts and pockets of pollutants.

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Buildings with over 30,000sq/ft with Central Air 

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