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Astreea is a medical grade, stainless steel sanitizer stand that does not require batteries.  It has a sleek look and is perfect for world class entities who truly care about safety, wellness and our environment.  This is the most environmentally friendly solution on the market!  In addition, our high quality sanitizer is USA made and FDA registered.  It leaves your hands feeling soft, smelling good and is not sticky!

Screen Shot 2021-09-09 at 9.37.56 PM.png

Astreea Smart

  • Free Astreea Stands in our Free to use program with one year sanitizer commitment

  • Made of 100% Medical Grade Brushed Stainless Steel by a leading Aerospace Engineering Company

  • Lifetime warranty on the product

  • Real time notifications and ordering in real time based on sanitizer levels  

Astreea Safe

  • Astreea Safe - Our top-rated sanitizer gel ​

    • Manufactured in an FDA registered facility

    • Drives compliance with a great texture and scent

    • No carcinogens or harmful chemicals which are often found in sanitizer in the marketplace

    • Costs up to 40% less than the competition


BirdDog Technologies helps companies Improve and understand how their Space is being Utilized.  We have been effectively responding to the Immediate COVID-19 Pandemic while laying a Foundation for Continual Improvement of Operational Efficiencies through use of Proven, Cost-Effective, Smart Technologies.

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